Saturday, October 10, 2015

Integration and living like a local

Well, friends, I am back in the city after two more plant dietas. I greeted the city with equal parts exhaustion and excitement! After two months of medicine work I was in need of a break...a real break that lasts longer than a couple of days. I was feeling squeaky clean, centered, and grounded but also depleted. I needed rest...and food! I also felt that I needed some down time to integrate all of the work that had been done. I could feel it circling over my head in a holding pattern just waiting for me to settle down and be still long enough for it to land. Well, even though I new this, I didn't give myself the gift of being still. I had friends, old and new, who were in the city for the week and I was so excited to connect, chat, and eat and so that is what I did (I also rested but not enough). Well, by the end of the week I felt ill. So, back to Tess's I went and she cleaned all of the toxic city stuff out that I had accumulated that week and it became so clear to me that I needed to take this integration period more seriously. What to do? Only two things were clear: 1) I was not ready to go back to the medicine 2) I was not ready to go back home.  I knew I needed more integration time but how much? So I sat with myself for a bit and what came to me is that the hotel/restaurant lifestyle was not working for the integration and also, it was getting expensive! It was time to live like a local and do normal, local people things. I needed to stop living out of my suitcase and start making smoothies. So, I looked for an apartment and found one that met my needs. I have a clean room, a small kitchen, A/C, Wi-Fi and a bistro table outside by the gardens. I have keys to my very own space! What a gift! My very own sanctuary in this crazy city :)

I am excited to see what this month brings and how the medicine work will integrate. I never thought I would find myself renting an apartment here but this is what has unfolded so I am rolling with it. Next stop: Who knows? I am currently in a space of infinite possibility! <3

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